NET ZERO pathways - The meeting place for green business opportunities

Monday, September 30, 2024, the doors will once again open to NET ZERO pathways at Aalborg Congress & Culture Center – The conference that focuses on how green transition, business, and sector coupling can go hand in hand.

Behind the event are Aalborg Congress & Culture Center and Green Hub Denmark. The purpose is to showcase opportunities for cross-sector collaborations and business models related to the green transition, as well as to showcase the latest technologies and knowledge aimed at achieving Denmark's goal of a 70% CO2 reduction by 2030 and net zero emissions by 2050.

The name NET ZERO stems from this, where "pathways" is added as an acknowledgment that the journey there can take different directions.

At NET ZERO pathways is based on the intention of creating a collaboration platform for stakeholders working on the green transition, and annually following up on the progress and impact of initiatives, as well as initiating new partnerships and actions.